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« Thiên-Phủ-Giáo »
偏 斧 槊











         The « War Hammer-Spear - Thiên-Phủ-Giáo (偏 斧 槊) » is among « Specific Arms » from Đại-Việt, belonging, in principle, to the « Rigid Weapons from category of Pole-Arms ». However, on battle fields, it was used as « Weapon of Shock » .

         It owns a long pole holding a Blade of Spear designed under the form of a Chisel linked at right angles to a transversal War Hammer with two round-ended.

         That is a weapon specialized in the neutralization of adversaries wearing plaited wicker armours (that no scimitar, no spear, no sword, no halleberd can overcome).

         Martial Student of Traditional Martial Arts from Việt-Nam will have to well distinguish this category of Particular Arms «War Hammer-Spear - Thiên-Phủ-Giáo (偏 斧 槊)» which is a weapon belonging to the « Shock Arms Category » from the one called « Pike-Hatchet » (Giáo-Rìu - 鉊) or « Pike-Axe » (Sóc-Rìu - 鉊), a weapon belonging to the « Edged Arms Category », ordinary designed with a shuttled Spear Blade, fixed to a small Hatchet Blade in his inferior part; arbitrarily called with an erroneous way by « War Hammer-Spear - Thiên-Phủ-Giáo (偏 斧 槊) ».

« Pike-Hatchet - Giáo Rìu » or « Pike-Axe - (Sóc-Rìu - 鉊) »
arbitrarily called with an erroneous way by « War Hammer-Spear - Thiên-Phủ-Giáo (偏 斧 槊) »

         This category of « Pike-Hatchet » (Giáo-Rìu) or « Epieu-Hatchet » (Sóc-Rìu - 鉊) owns many models, and although it's more dreadful than the « Pike-Epieu (Giáo-Sóc) », finally it has neither the required efficiency for neutralizing adversaries wearing plaited wicker armours so much as the authentic « War Hammer-Spear - Thiên-Phủ-Giáo (偏 斧 槊)», nor the capacity of lethal destruction on battle fields of bygone days so much as the « Great War Battle-Axe with an Apical Spear Blade (Đại-Phủ-Việt 大 斧 鉞) ».

« Pike-Hatchet - Giáo Rìu », still called « Epieu-Hatchet - Sóc-Rìu ».
(19th century)

(Photo Credit : Gavin Nugent, swordsantiqueweapons.com)

The Great Việt Battle Axe - « Đại Phủ-Việt »
(大 斧 鉞)

(Photo Credit : Bình-Định Sa-Long-Cương France)

         The « War Hammer-Spear - Thiên-Phủ-Giáo » armed Việt warriors since the ĐINH Dynasty period (968-980) and was a common use until the LÝ Dynasty period (1010-1225), TRẦN Dynasty period (1225-1413).

         That was precisely this category of medieval weapon War Hammer-Spear (Thiên-Phủ-Giáo) which had been made adversaries housed on high plateaux in North Việt-Nam and sino-vietnamiese limitrophe régions give up using various kinds of Wicker Armours and had been leaded to the disparition of these one. For this reason, Wicker Armours from their descendants met in 19th century were a well inferior quality to those of ancesters in bygonedays. And then, it was also precisely the decline and the loss of these kinds of Wicker Armours that the category of medieval weapon War Hammer-Spear (Thiên-Phủ-Giáo) from Việt people was so eliminated gradually out of traditional arsenal. In nowadays, well rare are persons who still know the existence of this medieval weapon.






The Codified Sequence of Medieval Martial Arts
« War Hammer-Spear »

偏 斧 槊


      The Codified Sequence of « The War Hammer-Spear - Thiên-Phủ-Giáo (偏 斧 槊) » is a Codified Sequence teaching the wielding of a Specific Shock-Arm from Việt people.

      That is a Sequence Codified by 20 Lines of Coded Lines Verse (80 characters), codifying dreadful techniques from a kind of Shock-Arm, particularly designed for fending off and overcoming adversaries wearing  plaited wicker armours exclusively handed down at Bình-Định by the Grand-Master PHẠM-Thi, descendant from Martial Arts Lineage of Commandeur PHẠM-Tường



Committee of Martial Arts Masters
Bình-Định Sa-Long-Cương

TRỊNH Quang Thắng.















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